A Day in the Life


Happy Monday!

Or not.

I woke up to make sure my post scheduled and saw that it did.

Then I noticed it posted with nothing in it!!

I’m sorry – let me try this again!



I totally failed on the 7am picture. I was in the shower, though, so you definitely don’t need that picture. hehe

This is me when I get to work. Empty desk just waiting for me to start thinking thoughts. lol

Really this is what my desk looks like before I have a coffee and head to the daily 8am meeting.



Okay – you caught me. I decided to take a peek at Zulily to see what was new.

I didn’t buy anything today but there’s always tomorrow!



I hate that it’s May and I have to turn on my heater!

I think we’re in the middle of a cold streak because the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy all week. Yuck.



I know you’re super jealous that my job involves things like loan amortization schedules and yours might not.

Don’t be sad.

They are as exciting as they sound. Which is not at all.



It’s time for a conference call.

Yes. That phone cord really bothers me. It’s getting worse too and I have no idea how to fix it.



Still on the conference call.

[insert eyeroll]

I think the person on the other end just likes to hear himself talk.




Not a healthy lunch.

A delicious lunch, though.

And very reasonable.

Only $5!



Another conference call. This time about website performance.

Apparently this green is good but not great.

I don’t really understand all the nuisances, but I’ll get there eventually.



I don’t usually do this but today I need a second cup of afternoon coffee.

I think listening to all those conference calls made me sleepy. I need a boost.



We’re having a meeting in NYC in a few weeks and I needed to get the room booked.

I didn’t realize I would have to fill out all these forms and make a million decisions. Well. I kind of did.

My biggest question is what does the continental breakfast taste like? And do you include the good muffins?


This one gets 2 pictures because I didn’t leave work until about 6:30pm and went straight to CVS to pick a few things up.

And by pick a few things up, I mean walk down every aisle to see if there’s something new that needs to be in my life.



I passed my neighbor on the way home and she suggested we go for a walk.

I snapped a quick pic before I left but left my phone in the garage. I didn’t want to have to carry it with me.

The walk was nice and I enjoyed the company!



After the walk, I realized a Blue Apron was on my porch. I hauled it in and unpacked it.

This week’s meals look delicious!



Everything put away and my kitchen looks kind of clean.

I made a caesar salad for dinner and caught up on a show while I ate real quick.



I headed upstairs to fold some laundry and fell asleep after it was all put away.

The Hubster got home from work during my folding marathon.

All in all this was a pretty typical day for me.

I’m very boring. 🙂

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