Friday Favorites


Friday! 🙂

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!



I had no idea this meme existed until the other day.

It’s amazeballs.

But this video is even better.

I have loved ‘NSYNC forever. I’ve seen Justin Timberlake in concert. Plus I have a shirt.

How have I never seen this before? haha



I am desperately trying to find a reason to buy these Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pumps.

There has to be a reason.

I just haven’t found one yet.

Anyone want to invite me to a party?



I don’t wear tons of makeup.

I even posted about how I don’t wear a lot of makeup here.

But, I did find this eye shadow primer the other day and oh. my. gosh. It’s amazing.

I tend to rub my makeup off throughout the day/night. But this stuff is fantastic and keeps my eye shadow looking nice for hours. Hours.

I don’t use this primer daily – it feels kind of like it’s a luxury and I shouldn’t. But It’s fantastic. And you totally need it!



While we’re talking about makeup (which I feel like I almost never do or wear ;-)), this Lorac Pro 3 eye shadow palette is amazing. I love all the colors. Some are shimmery and some are matte, but it’s perfect for me!

I bought it forever ago and I still have tons left.



I won this bike last weekend.

It’s amazing.

I also won it in Buffalo. I live in Pittsburgh.

But rumor has it that my in-laws are driving by us this weekend and maybe my bike will find its way home to me soon. 🙂

What are you guys up to this weekend?


Tonight we’re going to a Cinco de Mayo party at our neighbor’s house. It’s also doubling as a birthday party for their dog! So a tiny doggie sombrero might be on its way for them.

I have big plans for brunch on Saturday…yum! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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