Shopping Spree


I haven’t gone on a good old shopping spree in ages. Come on in and see what I found!!

We’re heading to a gala on Saturday and obviously I couldn’t wear anything in my closet.

Nothing would work.

The Hubster disagrees. đŸ˜‰

I headed to the mall on Monday night and here’s what I found!

Dress: Adrianna Pappel Beaded Mesh Blouson Gown | Nordstrom

I had really high hopes for this dress. But it just wasn’t the dress. It was a bit too long (and I even tried on the petite!) and just didn’t feel like it was the one.

Dress: BB Dakota Rhianna Illusion Yoke Lace Fit | Nordstrom

Loved the color but the dress just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t too short but just didn’t feel like I’d want to wear it all night.

The back is super cute though.


Jumpsuit: Adrianna Papell Embellished Mesh & Jersey Jumpsuit


I am not a jumpsuit person.

Never mind I could sew up the bottom and not wear shoes.

It’s too bad because this is cute.

But nosomuch me.


Dress: Taylor Dresses Lace Sheath | Nordstrom

Where was this dress when I was looking for Easter clothes? Because it would have been perfect!

I’m keeping this in mind for the summer.


Dress: Charles Henry Midi Dress | Nordstrom

Super cute.

Too bridesmaid like.

Dress: Charles Henry Off the Shoulder Dress | Nordstrom

Now that I see this dress online, I would have liked it in one of the other colors. Regardless, I’m a huge fan of this dress.

I think it looks cute over the shoulders and off the shoulders.

Even though it has nothing to do with the gala, it’s in my closet now and will be on rotation all summer!


Dress: Strapless Floral Printed Midi Fit and Flare | White House Black Market


I went into White House Black Market, found this dress in the first 2 seconds of being in there, tried it on, and decided this was “the dress.”

I’m thrilled!

It’s fun and fluffy and the perfect party dress.

And I think I can wear it to my cousin’s wedding in August!


Dress: Fringe Pink Tweed Drape Front Dress | Banana Republic

I think I’m more attracted to tweed on the hanger than on myself.

Until I saw the price. $26.99 plus 50% off.

This dress was $13.49.

No joke.

I bought it.

It’s actually not too bad.

And for under $14, it’s perfect. hahahaha

This dress isn’t $26.99 online so you might want to go into the store to check it out.


Dress: Gathered Maxi Dress | Banana Republic

Again – this wasn’t my most favorite dress ever but it was $106.99 plus 50% off.

So it’s in my closet. hehe

It’s a really pretty color and I’ll wear it all summer. It’ll go with a cute pair of navy wedges.

It might even make an appearance at a retirement party in June.

Plus because the shoulders and back are covered, I’ll wear it to church too. And wouldn’t it look cute with a jean jacket?

The possibilities are endless thanks to the 50% off sale!!

* it looks like the 50% off is just in store and not online.


Dress: ASTR the Label Crochet Sleeve Wrap Dress | Nordstrom

I did really love this dress but didn’t get it. I don’t know it was all that flattering so I’ll have to keep this in the back of my mind and maybe see another date.

Phew! I’m tired – that was quite the shopping trip!!

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