Man Crush Monday


This guy is my Man Crush Monday.

I really just want to brag on The Hubster for a minute.

He works really hard all of the time.

We work for the same company and he’s one of the last ones at work almost every night. It’s his dedication and focus that makes him such a great co-worker. He’ll always help out with whatever is needed and is a really great role model for new employees.

He takes excellent care of me.

Whenever I’m sick or hurt, he always takes good care of me. He’ll bring me food to make me feel better or run to the store to get me some medicine. I can be a big baby when I’m sick because he’ll be there to take care of me.

He indulges my crazy.

I hate, hate, hate feet. The thought of dealing with someone else’s feet makes me want to barf. No. For real.

Also going with this is The Hubster’s socks. Since he regularly takes his socks off around the house, I don’t deal with them. So he usually will put them in the washer. And he’s totally fine with the fact that I don’t pair them up. I will pretty much fold everything else and leave him with a pile of socks to deal with by himself.

Also, his socks are so similar but different and I gave up trying to match them. I think there are days he goes to work wearing 2 different socks. I pretend not to notice.

He loves Christmas decorations as much as I do!

Every year, he will take complete ownership of some Christmas decorating. For example, the stairs have to be decorated just so or else he thinks it’s a fail and will re-do my work.┬áMaybe it’s that our OCD is the same. ha!

He occasionally will read this blog. So I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him!


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