Weekend Shenanigans


It was my last weekend with our Christmas decorations for the year. It made me sad to take them down. But my Valentine’s decorations are coming out soon!

Here’s what else happened this weekend!

I should have known that I was getting sick.

The other day, I was eating a chicken salad croissant from my favorite lunch place and I didn’t think it tasted very good. My assistant assured me that it was delicious. I should have known.

When I can’t taste anything for a few days, it means a sickness is coming.

Friday night I felt off. I don’t really know how else to describe it.


Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t thinking and almost put this tin pan into the microwave! The Hubster caught me before I did it, but yikes!


Saturday I really felt awful. I basically slept, drank some water, blew my nose, and slept some more.

It was such a bummer because we had tons of plans for the weekend. And none of them involved me laying on the couch.

Oh and in case you haven’t ever heard of Zicam – it’s amazing and a miracle.


I swiped these swabs into my nose every few hours and I’m totally convinced that it helped.

By Sunday morning, I felt a ton better.


The Hubster took me out to this delicious breakfast. I gobbled up this cheese omelet, hash browns, and toast. Even though it didn’t taste awesome, I knew I was feeling better.


The rest of the day was pretty low key. I made a yummy mushroom soup for dinner.


I also got out my new silverware. My sweet in-laws gifted us winter silverware at Christmas. We’ve been busy this week, so this was my first chance to get them out.

Aren’t they so cute!?!?

I love that they have little snowflakes on the bottom. Now I can use them all winter with my penguin plates!


We ended the weekend watching the Golden Gloves and taking the rest of Christmas down.

The living room looks so giant now. Maybe I should buy some new furniture!

It was a pretty boring weekend for us. But that’s okay.

We caught up on some rest and relaxed.

Have a great week!

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