Stranded – Christmas Movies



Holy Cow! It’s the last Stranded for the year! But we’re talking about Christmas movies, so I think we’ll be okay!

[miracle on 34th street]


This isn’t only just my favorite movie at Christmas, it’s one of my favorite movies, period. I could totally watch it over and over all year.

I do. The Hubster will confirm. 🙂

[the santa clause trio]

Tim Allen In 'The Santa Clause'

I know I’m kind of cheating because there are 3 movies, but this is a collection of movies. hahah

There is nothing about this trio that I hate. I love that it’s basically the same people throughout the entire series, too.

[national lampoon christmas vacation]


Full confession: I saw this movie for the first time a few years ago. I think I was the last person on earth to have never seen this movie, but I totally fell in love with it immediately. So many hilarious lines.

cousin eddie.png

You guys, I think there is a decent chance that The Hubster will dress up like Cousin Eddie at least once this holiday season. I’m praying that it’s not for our Christmas Open House party, but there is a chance. I’m hoping he does it for the Ugly Sweater party.

I’ll keep you posted.

[bonus: How the Grinch Stole Christmas – both versions]

Yeah, I love both of these versions. The cartoon is such a classic. And the Jim Carrey one is so adorable. 🙂

I might have been singing the songs for the last few months too!


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