Christmas Fun!


It’s been a pretty fun time around here. We just got back from a few quick trips – come on in and see what we’ve been up to! πŸ™‚

Last week I was in NYC for a few days for work.

Now I am generally not a giant fan of NYC. I lived there. Been there done that kind of thing.

But Christmas is a totally different animal.

I love NYC at Christmas. The lights are amazing and the feel in the city is just so different than the rest of the year. I love it there in December.

So I was super happy to have a meeting there. Not necessarily the meeting itself, but the chance to be in NYC!

First of all, our hotel did not disappoint. Every evening, there were groups singing Christmas carols. The first night there was a group of carolers and the second night had some high school students. Β They were all very good!

Plus, the tree in the lobby was awesome. And the lobby always smelled like fresh pine. Even though all the trees were artificial. It was amazing.


The bar in the lobby was called the Gin Parlour. I was so happy that my gin and tonic matched the table decor too! πŸ˜‰


We took a little stroll around Rockefeller Center and took a peek at the tree. It’s definitely one of the most famous trees and seeing it in person is so fun!

Note – this is the last picture where my boots remained intact. I broke the heel soon after and hobbled around for the day before I realized what happened.

And then I bought these. πŸ™‚


We popped by Saks 5th Avenue and watched the light show. It’s so good. In case you’ve never seen it, Saks blasts Christmas music and have the lights blink in time to the music. I love it. And might have watched it a few times.


I had a meeting in the Chrysler Building. I’d never been in there before. And it was nice the people showed us around.

I snuck this picture of their tree in the lobby. At this point, I think my boss was sick of me snapping Christmas tree pictures. #idontcare #ilovechristmas


We popped into the Lego Store and let’s face it, this bucket of Lego heads is pretty creepy.


We headed on the road to Buffalo on Saturday afternoon.

We assumed our usual positions. Me snapping selfies and trying to angle for a quick stop for a snack. The Hubster driving and telling me to quit it.


As per usual in Western PA and NY, it started snowing. Which is no fun.

Because then I have to behave and there is no stopping for snacks.

We made it back safely.

Sunday we went to the Bills-Steelers game. So disappointing. And cold. Really cold. Cold enough that despite my 2 shirts and giant puffy North Face coat, I was freezing. So I went to the Bills store and bought a hoodie. That helped. But it was cold. And snowy.

And really really disappointing. Sad.


It was fun to see this holiday train go around my hometown. So adorable! We’ll have to get a ride on it when we’re back in town for Christmas.

So we have been having loads of fun. Hope you guys are too! πŸ™‚

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