Favorite Things – Gift Edition

Microsoft Word - favorite things template.doc

It’s the perfect time to start talking about our favorite things. Especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Here are a few of my favorite things! For others…and myself 😉

*** This post is NOT sponsored by any of the following vendors and is purely based on my own opinions. ***


I just ordered our Christmas cards off of Shutterfly. They designs they have a are so cute and you can personalize them with extra pictures on the back and a message. Ours are coming in the mail in a few days, so check your mailboxes! 🙂


If the guy in your life (or brother, dad, uncle, etc) is into baseball, this is a perfect gift. You can gift MLB.TV, which gives access to every game of Major League Baseball during 2017. I know someone for sure who will love this!


If you know someone who loves nail polish, this is the gift for them!

I am a huge fan of Butter London polish. It goes on so nicely and the colors are awesome! I gifted one of these sets last year to my assistant and she loved it.

It is a little pricey, but the polish is so worth it!


The Hubster and I LOVE these cozy Vera Bradley throw blankets. They are crazy soft and keep their softness, even after washing.

The pattern shown is the one that we have and isn’t available any more, but I don’t think I even care what the pattern is. The comfiness factor is off. the. charts.

We gifted my mother-in-law one a few years ago and I think my nephew might have taken ownership of it because it’s so crazy soft.


Nordstrom has this really great collection of STEM gifts for kids. I like to gift kids stuff that they’ll play with and learn, instead of video games.

They probably roll their eyes when Auntie Sarah  brings over educational toys.

Inside Naver Corp. Headquarters Ahead Of First-Quarter Results

Speaking of which, you can never, never, go wrong with Lego. Its for kids of all ages and sizes. Even big kids.


He is happiest when he has Lego!


I got these Ugg slippers for Christmas before The Hubster and I were even married. They’ve held up over the years and I didn’t lose them in any of the moves! They are warm and comfy. They have a hard bottom, so I can run outside real quick and my feet won’t get wet!

I’ll add more to this list as I think of things! 🙂

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