Show and Tell Tuesday

Show and Tell Tuesday

Phew! It’s Tuesday.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t know if I would survive Monday. Maybe I just needed some more coffee, because it just seemed insurmountable. Thank goodness we’re past it.

To make today even better, we’re sharing our Christmas decorations. My favorite! 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year. It’s so important to me, that when we were house hunting, if I couldn’t visualize a Christmas tree in a corner of our potential house, I dismissed it.

It got to be that we would walk into a house and the first thing I would do is imagine where I would put all my Christmas decorations.

I fell in love with one particular house because I could just feel Christmas there. Sadly, someone bid on it before we could and we lost it. I was devastated.

But then we found our house and I have absolutely loved decorating it. So without further adieu, here is the house all ready for Santa!


Our house from the outside. We totally just realized that the porch lights were a different brightness than the bushes. Oy. That will be remedied this weekend.


Sorry my picture taking skills weren’t that great here. But I begged The Hubster to put lights on the shed!


We have 2 trees. This tree was our original tree from when we first got married. When we moved into our house, it looked so tiny and didn’t fit in the room. But it’s perfect in the front room. (Whoops – I should probably hide that power cord.)

The train under the tree was handmade by my great-uncle. He passed away last year, so I’m so grateful to have that train under my tree this year.


My dining room table! I fell in love with Lenox Holiday Nouveau pattern. It looks so fancy on my table. Plus, the reindeer I found at Home Goods fits in perfectly here.


China cabinet is kind of lacking in holiday spirit. I should look for some more decorations for the top.

What kind of house would we be if we didn’t celebrate Christmas without moose mugs? Feel free to dip it right into the bowl for eggnog without using the ladle! 😉


A little love next to the stove!



I mean these counters needed a little bit of love.


My penguin plates! In case you aren’t sensing the theme…I love love love penguins. You can probably see them in almost every picture!

Nutcrackers come close, but they’ll never top penguins.


I never know what to do with my Christmas cards. So I hung a couple giant ribbons and bought some tiny clothes pins. Now all my cards hang proudly on the pantry door!


This Nativity is one of my favorite parts of decorating. The Hubster’s grandparents bought his one piece of this set every year. When we got married, he had an entire Nativity. And then to top it off, his grandfather made the creche. This is so beautiful and I love having it out all season long.


This is exactly the scene I imagined when we looked at this house. I could stare at it all night. And I do!


These guys just chill out every night. I’m not sure why the grill ornament is on the table instead of the tree. Oh well.


Going upstairs is much more festive this time of the year!


My mom and I found this holy family decoration at Walmart (!!!) after Christmas like 10 years ago. We both fell in love with them and liked them even more when we found out they were only like $5 each.

I’m really rather impressed that after all these years, I’ve (1) managed to keep it in one piece and (2) the lantern is still attached to Joseph’s hand.

Yes. My bathrooms are fully Christmased out. Jealous?


I got these new Fa La La La La sheets from Pottery Barn this year. Really I got this whole setup from Pottery Barn. Love!

And that concludes the house tour! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s decorations!


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