30 Days of Thankful


As we come to the end of 2016, there is so much that I think we need to be grateful for in our lives. So for the past couple of years, I’ve done 30 Days of Thankful.

I combined them all into one post!

It’s a long one because I included my Instagram pics!



Day 1: Grateful to celebrating Britt’s birthday with manicures!


Day 2: When I had to move away from all my friends and family after we got married, I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to find other people who would be there like the ones I left behind. I was so wrong. I met a friend tonight that just randomly called me and asked me to meet her for a late dinner to just catch up. It was just what I needed tonight and proof that there are awesome people out there.


Day 3: I know everyone says they are grateful for their health, but this shirt kind of makes sense for me. I bought this after Mix and Match Mama started posting about her sweet daughter and asked for people to buy this shirt to help funding and make people aware of this syndrome. So many people suffer with things that many of us cannot even fathom. I am so grateful that I’m healthy and that I can advocate for those who need some additional awareness.


Day 4: When I got home, the entire house smelled of natural gas. It was really pungent and I knew that it was bad. Someone bumped into the stove and there was a small amount of gas coming out of it for about 9 hours. So grateful that it wasn’t worse and that our house didn’t go up in a large explosion!


Day 5: Grateful we have found our people, our neighbors, in PA. Perfect way to end firepit season.


Day 6: Grateful for an extra hour to spend being lazy with The Hubster.


Day 7: Grateful I don’t have dietary restrictions. Because this chili cheese dog is the best ever.


Day 8: We may never all agree on a President. But how grateful are we that we live in a place where we can voice our opinions.


Day 9: Grateful for this crazy job. We definitely have a love-hate relationship, but it’s pushed me to be a far better worker.


Day 10: Grateful that I was *finally* able to make a good grilled cheese. Special thanks to my brother for providing me with the proper instruction. 😉


Day 11: Grateful for all veterans and their sacrifices, but especially these 4 guys.


Day 12: What? You’d be grateful you lived next door to a Lenox outlet when everything is a bazillion percent off.


Day 13: Grateful to get a week to be with The Hubster. My favorite road-trip buddy.


Day 14: Grateful for the time to spend at the ocean. Even when it’s freezing cold.


Day 15: Grateful that something so silly can make The Hubster so happy. It was a little bit out of control how excited he was about this Lego.


Day 16: Grateful for the perfect Fall day. We spent it enjoying cider and donuts.


Day 17: Grateful for an adventurous Hubster who is happy to explore new places.


Day 18: Grateful to see The Hubster super relaxed.  It was a pretty great week!


Day 19: Grateful we decided to take a quick detour and enjoy some yummy treats at our old hangout.


Day 20: Grateful for a relaxing trip but happy to be back home.


Day 21: Grateful The Hubster doesn’t really give me a hard time about all my decorating. Because today, it looks like Christmas threw up in the living room.


Day 22: Grateful for the little things that make me laugh.


Day 23: Grateful for the friendship with this lady. Wishing we spent more time hanging out.


Day 24: Grateful for all the blessings I have received in this life. I really hope all my family and friends know how much I love them.


Day 25: Grateful for a day spent baking with my mom and an evening with my besties.


Day 26: Grateful for the chance to dress up for a friend’s birthday. And for my sister-in-law who knows how to work a miracle on my hair!


Day 27: Grateful for a weekend with my people.


Day 28: Grateful the world was able to spend 92 years with my Aunt. She was the kindest soul and we will all miss her.


Day 29: Grateful that something as simple as Christmas pajamas make the day end on a happy note.


Day 30: Grateful for this Christmas season. The Griswolds are on tv and cookie decorating is happening. Life is very good.

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