Weekend Shenanigans


It’s Monday! I know no one is excited about it. So how about grabbing a cup of coffee and we can gab about the weekend?

Friday night I met a business colleague for dinner at Burgatory. Let me just say, the food is amazing. The milkshakes are out of this world. And how can you say no to a ground bacon burger? I know I can’t!


After dinner I stumbled upon this store called Charming Charlie. I’m sure it’s been around forever and I’m just really late to the game, but this place is so cool. I found their scarves and basically any kind of jewelry or bag that you could ever want.  I’m gonna have to make some more trips back there!


We took the evening off and headed to Bedford Springs and stayed at this awesome hotel. It was built in the mid-1800s so there’s tons of history and cool stuff to do. We didn’t have time to do a lot of it, but we did wander around a little. It was so adorable!


We ate this super amazing dinner at 10/09. I had a bolognese and it was top notch. The Hubster had a steak and basically licked the plate clean. Perfect dinner.


And then I ordered this treat from room service for dessert! 🙂


In the morning, I sat on the rockers outside our room and just relaxed for a few minutes.


And then we found this random waterfall and of course I took a selfie! I’m glad this guy indulges me!


And then before we left, we stumbled on a craft show.  I don’t know about you, but I love me a good craft show. I love seeing all the fun stuff people think of and all the ways they repurpose regular items (wine bottles, spoons, wood, etc.). We found this sign and I knew it had to come live on my porch. It’s so adorable!


I wrapped up the weekend watching Titanic on tv. That’s another one of those movies I can watch over and over. I mean you never know, Jack might be saved this time.

Hope you guys all had a nice weekend!

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