My Magical Talent & Vacuums


I have a magical talent that I think I can now share with you guys.

My hair can break a vacuum in 3 months or less.


I have had long hair my entire life. There have been a few periods where my hair was above my shoulders – ages 0-1 and a few months in my 20s when I thought (key note: thought) it looked cute.

So we (and by we I mean me, my parents, brother, roommates in college, and The Hubster) have had to deal with bits of my hair everywhere. Everywhere. I shed more than a golden retriever.

Not only is my hair long, dark, and shedding, it is thick and very difficult to break. So when you are vacuuming up the house, my hair will get wound around the bottom and eventually burn out the motor. There’s nothing like the smell of burnt hair and engine to make your house smell clean. Once you start to smell the burning, you turn the machine off, get a pair of scissors and cut the hair out. You then have about 6 weeks before it happens again and by the second occurrence, you really should start looking for a new vacuum.


This lovely Hoover vacuum did last us 4 years (a record on so so so many levels). We believe it lasted for 4 years because we had 1 small carpet in the apartment so we didn’t have to use it very often.


When we moved into our house, which is full of carpeting, I sighed and bought this Hoover canister vacuum. We have stairs and I thought this would be easy to use on the stairs. It totally is great for carting around the house. My hair also destroyed it in 3 months.


I tried a Shark.  Same outcome, different machine.


The Hubster got desperate and bought us a Shop Vac. He figured since it picks up everything that it would get my hair no problemo. No dice. Since there wasn’t the piece spinning to grab the hair off the carpet, it didn’t pick up my hair effectively. I also hated using it for general cleaning.

The Hubster and I agreed that maybe we should consider buying a commercial vacuum because maybe it would last longer.


Then one day some magic happened. I heard a knock at the door and it was a traveling Kirby salesman. I think I was tired  and distracted and said that he could come inside and demonstrate his product. A Kirby vacuum!

2.5 hours later, we had bought a Kirby and he left.

No, for real. He was in my house demonstrating a vacuum cleaner for 2.5 hours.

But he assured us that it has a DOUBLE LIFETIME GUARANTEE! So The Hubster and I don’t have to worry about leaving our future children any inheritance. They’ll get a Kirby!

In all seriousness, this Kirby has worked really well and I’ve had it for almost 2 years now. There haven’t been any burning hair smells or anything. And the suction on the vacuum is pretty amazing.

There is one small issue with the Kirby. It’s heavy. And a gigantic pain to use on the stairs.


So this week I welcomed a Dyson into my house!!! We have stayed away from Dyson because they are really expensive and I didn’t want to break one that was pricey. But this one looks like it will be the perfect stair vacuum. It also gets little and works like a dust buster. I can’t wait to see how it works on my stairs!

So if you have any questions on vacuum cleaners, let me know. I’m totally your girl!

Note:  I was not paid to advertise any of these products.

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