What I’m Watching Wednesday

Fall TV Shows Edition


Does anyone else get super excited about all the new shows coming out? I can’t wait to see what’s new this Fall.

[American Housewife]


So the previews for this show look kind of funny. I think I might watch the first one but I’m not sure if it’s going to be a keeper.

[Designated Survivor]


I mean, we all know I’m totally in love with Jack Bauer. So I am really thinking that this show might be a good 24 replacement.



I have no idea why this show looks so appealing to me, but I am really thinking this will be interesting. And since Scandal won’t be back until 2017, maybe this will be the perfect replacement.

[This Is Us]


Like the millions of other people, I saw the trailer for This Is Us on Facebook and totally and completely fell in love with it. I am really excited to see it. I recently saw somewhere that there’s a surprise we won’t see coming, so that’s exciting.


Of course, I have some standards that just automatically show up on my DVR.

[Grey’s Anatomy]


What’s going to happen to Meredith now that Maggie is in love with Nathan, but Meredith slept with him? Will Jackson and April get back together? Is Callie gone for good? Are Owen and Amelia really a good couple? Will Jo tell Alex that she’s still married?

So. Many. Questions.

[Blue Bloods]


Donnie Walhberg. Tom Selleck’s moustache. Do I need to even say anything else?

[Modern Family]


One of the funniest shows on tv. The Hubster and I love this show. Everytime we think it’s not going to be that funny, there’s a one liner and we just about fall off the couch laughing.

[Law and Order SVU]


I fully acknowledge that I have mental problems for watching this show. There’s never a “happy ending” and I can’t watch it past 9pm or I have nightmares.

[Dancing With The Stars]


I cannot get enough Dancing With The Stars. Ever. May it be on TV for the rest of my life.

Bonus: Maks is back! And I love me some Maks.

[Gilmore Girls]


I couldn’t leave out Gilmore Girls. I don’t know if I can wait until November. I have a lot of Fall clothes and pumpkin spice lattes to deal with before then.

What are you guys watching this Fall? I can’t wait to hear!

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