Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday.pngIt’s a home edition of Target Tuesday!

Bedroom Collection.jpg

Duvet Set:  Beekman 1802 Farmhouse Collection
Throw Pillow: Montgomery Embroidered Stripe

I need this bedroom. Maybe not the weird red kitchen-like lights over the bed, but the rest of it I would love. Even the wood walls. Love.

 cheese-boardThese cheeseboards are so cute and make me want to have a dinner party pronto!


I have these chairs (different pattern) in my office. They are really cute and make my office look less boring. They’re comfy too!


I just found this new Tide Purclean which works so well for me. It’s made without chemicals so it’s perfect for my allergies. And the scents are nice too!


I’m doing some more organizing and these crates look so cute in my closet! They fit everything and I can still see what’s in there so I don’t have to take it down every time I need something.

What are your favorite things at Target?

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