Book Club


It’s time for this month’s book club!

I have been really neglectful and haven’t read as many books as usual this month. I’m not really sure why either.


I have to say this is my first Emily Giffin book that I felt really meh about. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. I picked this book for my IRL book club and one of the ladies said she cried at the beginning and ending. I didn’t think it was that sad or emotional. Not my favorite but I’m glad I read it.


I love me some Elin Hilderbrand in the summer. They’re the best reads while sitting out in the sun and enjoying some beverages. This one was really cute and I liked it so much. It really made me want to go to Nantucket and be at all the festivals and see the people that live there. Someday, The Hubster and I will spend a weekend there.


Girl on the Train really freaked me out. It had tons of twists and turns that I totally didn’t expect. I am looking forward to the movie because it should be really good!


I just finished this book and it was sooo good. I was fascinated with the story and loved all the characters. It’s a movie so now I have to go see it!

What are you guys reading?  I need some suggestions for next month!

See the books from August here!

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