Friday Favorites


Friday Favorite Time! 🙂 So let’s link up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share this week’s favorites.



The Hubster and I had a date night to see Sully. We lived in the NYC area when this happened and like everyone else in the world, fascinated with this story. The trailer looked amazing (and we never agree on seeing a movie), so we thought this would be fun to go.

The movie did not disappoint.

Tom Hanks is phenomenal. One of the greatest actors of all time for sure.

Sully was short – only an hour and half. But it was informative and really showed what happened without getting lost in the madness. There was no wasted time in this movie. I could definitely see this being a movie I would see again.

Of course our movie experience wouldn’t be complete without waiting in line for a bucket of popcorn and Cherry Coke large enough to feed both of us for a month. Why do movies insist on serving sizes that large? Why do I buy them? Does anyone else eat all the snacks during the previews and then get full by the time the actual movie is starting?



You guys – Sarah Jessica Parker is selling her shoes on Amazon!! I mean, they are expensive and I probably won’t be buying any of them, but hurray!! I love looking at all of them. The pink pair is adorable. (of course)



My Grandpa came to visit us last weekend and it was so amazing! He will be 93 next month and we have been asking him to come visit for awhile now. He was nervous to travel, but my parents came down to visit and said they would leave on Saturday morning and return on Sunday night, so he would only be gone for maximum of 36 hours. Grandpa thought about it and declined a few times, but when he said yes, we all jumped on it, cleared our schedules, and he arrived at our house on Saturday afternoon!

I have always been really close with my grandparents and I was thrilled to be able to share the weekend with Grandpa. Despite his age, he is in really good health. It was so fun to show him our home and where we work. He seemed to feel happy that he knew where we were now, too.

This is one of my favorites for sure!



I have recently become super addicted to caesar salad. I mean the dressing, the croutons, the parmesan cheese…I can’t get enough!!



It has been a really hard week, Friends.  My brother’s friend passed away at 22 from carbon monoxide poisoning. And The Hubster’s grandmother fell and broke her hip on Tuesday night. So much is happening in the world. But the flowers on my desk make me smile and remind me that there’s some good out there too.

Sorry to end on a weird note, Friends. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. The Hubster has to work all weekend, but I think I’m going to hang out at the town festival and see some friends.

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