My Beauty Routine – Nailpolish


Shame on you, Rite Aid. You should never put this display up front. You know I can’t resist.

Does anyone else have the same inability to say no to new nail polish?

There are so many different kinds of nail polish and as someone who has purchased almost every brand, I’m here to tell you the yays and nays.


Yes. Essie.

In addition to loving the hilarious names of their nail polish, essie goes on so nicely. And comes in almost any shade you can imagine. It’s more expensive than generic polish, but I definitely think it lasts. And is worth the money.


Watermelon is my current favorite color. I even picked it as one of my favorite things last year at Christmas!


OPI used to be limited to salons only. I could never find it anywhere. Until recently. Now you can find OPI pretty much anywhere. It goes on really nice and definitely lasts.

Tip: Sometimes you can buy OPI nail polish super cheap on Amazon. A friend and I quickly became addicted and started buying a ton of them. It got so bad that both of our husbands asked us to stop buying nail polish because we would never ever have a chance to wear them all. We disagreed. But we buy less nail polish now.


You Only Live Twice is part of the Bond collection that came out a few years ago and I’m so happy I got it. It’s perfect for my feet year round!

[butter | London]


I bought the Oprah Favorite Things set for my assistant for Christmas and as soon she opened it, I immediately wished I had “gifted” myself with one. Because it’s amazing. The colors are fantastic and the polish is so smooth and creamy. Your nails look so great with butter | London nail polish.

It is kind of pricey in comparison to essie and OPI, so I look for sales online. Sometimes you can score some for under $9.

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