What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I’m back with some of my favorite outfits over the past few weeks of what I’m wearing to work!

Keep in mind, I work for a super casual company. I could probably wear jeans and a t-shirt every day and no one (and I mean no one) would bat an eyelash or say anything to me. But I do like wearing nice work clothes. And I have a closet full that I can’t bare to part with, too!


Dress: Lovely Day Dress – Ivory | Miss Chic
Shoes: Nine West Tatiana | Amazon

I found this adorable online boutique, Miss Chic, and decided this dress needed to be in my life. I bought a size small and it fits okay in the arms and neck but feels kind of big in the rest. Maybe it’s meant to be flowy? Either way, I really like it. And the green shoes just make it cuter.


Dress: Sheath Dress | Limited
Shoes: Nine West Tatiana | Amazon

Unfortunately, this dress is super old and you can’t find it online anymore. But my Limited did just change over to be a Limited Backroom (whatever that means) and this dress is available in all sizes there. Also, I’m wearing my Nine West Tatiana pumps. Which I have in black, blue, green, and gold. #noidonthaveaproblem #oneineverycolor


Similar Dress: V-Back Sheath | Limited
Similar Shoes: Nine West Tatiana | Amazon

I found my dress many moons ago at H&M. We had just moved to Long Island and I had never shopped in H&M before but then I found this adorable dress. I don’t see anymore like it, but the Limited dresses are very similar. My shoes are ancient and from the clearance rack at DSW, but a gray pair of Tatiana’s would be adorable!


Dress: Ancient JCPenney find
Shoes: Michael Kors Giovanna Wedge | Amazon
Bracelet: Kate Spade Love Notes Bangle Hinged | Amazon

I found this dress quite by accident.  I was walking through Penney’s to get to another store, but this just jumped out at me. It was on sale for $14.99, so I added it to my collection. I’m not a regular JCPenney shopper, but this was a perfect summer find! I paired it with my gold Michael Kors wedges (which are super comfy and you can wear all day without issue), and a Kate Spade bangle. I found this bangle on Amazon but actually bought it at the Kate Spade outlet in Maryland. I’m still trying to get The Hubster to take me back there.


Dress: Clearance Rack | White House Black Market
Shoes: Nine West Tatiana | Amazon
Necklace: Sabika home party

I am sad to report that this dress was a clearance rack find at White House Black Market. After a crazy work week when I thought I would be home before Easter, our plans changed and I wouldn’t be able to get back home to pick up some more clothes before we arrived at my brother-in-law’s house for Easter mass. Of course, being the pro I am, stopped at the nearest mall and found this dress. It goes great with my Tatiana heels (lol) and a necklace I bought at my friend’s Sabika party.


Finally, this outfit is no longer available (well maybe the jeans from American Eagle), but a good pair of pink shoes goes with everything!

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