Shopping Spree

The Hubster’s out of town so my car magically drove to the mall. And I came home with some delightful goodies!

I started out at Old Navy. And it did not disappoint. (Also, I have no idea what’s going on with the mirror.)


This black v-neck shift dress is so cute. I cannot figure out why it’s not online, but this dress seems super similar. I liked that it would go with just about all my shoes and would transition well into Fall. So it went into the “buy” pile!


I really liked this blue shift dress.  It was comfy and reminded me of the maxi dress I bought earlier this summer. I was unsure if I *really* needed to add it to my collection, so I passed.


I saw these Rockstar jeans and immediately knew they needed to come live at my house. They’re burgundy, which is the perfect Fall color. And I know they’ll go great with my BP ‘Trish’ booties. The sweater was an add too. It’s a cute open knit pattern and will be perfect under a jean jacket or a cargo jacket, too.


Same jeans, but I added this grey suede top. It looked really cute on the hanger and in this picture, but didn’t feel that great and I didn’t really love it in person. So I kept the jeans and ditched the tank.

I moved onto Loft. I was getting hungry, so I just bought a couple of things without trying the on and taking pictures. I’ll try them on later and see what I think.


This sweater poncho looked really cute on the mannequin and I thought it would match my new Fall jeans really nicely. I am going to have to try it on but I think it’s a keeper.


Okay, let’s be real, this picture isn’t the most flattering of my new top. I thought the color was really nice and it would go well with plain jeans and my new Fall jeans.

Random question – do stores not iron/steam clothes before they put them out anymore? A lot of the clothes that were out looked really wrinkled. Uncool peeps.


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