Show and Tell Tuesday – Advice

Show and Tell Tuesday

It’s my first Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea! And this week we’re talking about advice you would give your high school self.

Oh my high school self. There’s so many things I wish I could tell her. Here are a few things I think are important.

Worry less about the grades and have more fun.

I remember freaking out when I got a B on a Math Proof test. A “B” felt like a big fat failure. I would also get really upset when I couldn’t find all of the metaphors and other hidden meanings in all the books we read in English class.

Now I would totally tell myself to let it go. I studied hard but forgot to just have fun sometimes. Besides, I still have no idea some of the minor themes of Macbeth and still manage to function as a productive member of society.

Don’t worry about your prom date. The Hubster will find you eventually.

I didn’t date in high school. Well. I dated one guy for like 2 weeks and he broke up with me over AIM. Our relationship had consisted of sitting together in Calculus and I watched his band play one Friday night. I wasn’t heartbroken. ha

My prom dates weren’t all that much better. My Junior prom date was a friend that I’d known for years. I felt like I couldn’t ask anyone else. We had fun and haven’t spoken since then. My Senior prom date pretty much went the same way. All the movies showed couples finding true love at the prom so I was hoping I could too. Barf.

I think I would sit myself down, slap me in the face, and tell me I’ll be fine.

Stay in touch with your friends. You will need each other.

I wasn’t the greatest at keeping in touch with all of my high school friends. And I so wish that I had been better at it. One of them battled (and beat) bone cancer. One of them lost a baby soon after he was born. One of them lost a husband at age 27. One of them has 7 children! And so many of them have little places in my heart where I remember them fondly.

I do try to reach out to the ones I have stayed in touch with and I hope the rest know that I think of them and all the fun times we had.

Next time we we talk about the 3 things we can’t live without. I better start thinking because I don’t know if I can narrow it down!


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