What I’m Watching Wednesday

TV Edition

Today I’m chatting about my most favorite shows. The Hubster and I are always looking for something new to watch. So I thought I’d share what were our (my) favorites just in case you were looking to binge on a  new show.



Yes. I’m in love with Jack Bauer. We haven’t been together in quite sometime, but I know that our love is forever. The Hubster likes my boyfriend because he’s manly. I know Jack will save me from all the peril in the world. Hopefully. His love life is often very tumultuous. Maybe I should stay far away.

Back to reality. 24 is such a great show. There’s action, suspense, drama, shooting, a small love story. One of my favorite shows.

[Lipstick Jungle]


I’m sad this show was only on for 2 seasons. I loved the relationship between the women. And the clothes. Oh the clothes. Even though this show is years old, I still love the clothes. It’s streaming on Netflix and NBC and I think you should watch it. 🙂



I randomly found this show a few summers ago when I was flipping through channels and got hooked. Even The Hubster watched it with me and he doesn’t always watch shows with me. By doesn’t always, I mean never.

I liked the premise of this show. It was different and I liked how all the characters were flawed but really supported each other.

[Brothers & Sisters]


Ok, so Brothers & Sisters might be one of the most addictingly depressive show I have ever watched. The cast was fantastic in this show, but after a few seasons they were so dramatic and just couldn’t get themselves together. I suppose that’s why it’s a drama, but it got so crazy that I tried to stop watching for awhile. But my DVR kept recording it. So I kept watching.



I started to watch Revenge when I saw that the girl from Brothers & Sisters (see above) had a new show. And the first season was so good. And maybe it should have ended there. I admit, I stopped watching for a little bit in the middle of the seasons, but came back for the final one.

[Life Unexpected]


This was such a good show.  It was only on for 2 seasons, but it’s adorable and I loved it. If you’re looking for something fun to watch while you’re paying bills, folding laundry, doing something else, this is your show!

The characters were so real to me and I just fell in love with this show.  I’m sad that it didn’t last longer.

[sex and the city]


I want to have Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet. Enough said.

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