The Hubster and I spent the weekend in Buffalo hanging with our families.  Friday night, we met up with our good friends, Shawn and Megan, at Templeton Landing for dinner. The Hubster and Shawn met in engineering school and shared an apartment together in an old folks home.  (More on that in a second)  We got married about 4 weeks apart from each other and their daughter, Emma, is my goddaughter.


Dress:  Chiffon Maxi Dress – Old Navy  Similar Bag: Michael Kors Julia Messenger – Macy’s

So back to the old folks home.  The Hubster and Shawn were looking for apartments and they found this one in their price range.  When they went to go see it, they thought that it seemed like the residents seemed, well, older than they were.  And then they saw a girl about their age walk into the building, so they figured that everything was fine.  They liked the apartment and signed the lease.  Well when they moved in, they found out the girl was visiting her grandparents and they were, in fact, the youngest people in the apartment by about 40 years.  They got a list of the “rules” which included no noise after 9pm (laundry was included on this list) and no parking close to the building so the “older” residents could get in and out of the building faster. Being the mature twenty-somethings they were, they of course behaved by ignoring all rules and revving the engines of their race cars at 10pm most nights.  Boys.


Saturday I went to the Hamburg Farmers Market.  I haven’t been there in years and it has really turned into this awesome event.  There were tons of tents with all the in-season fresh veggies and a lot of other cool stuff – bakeries, goat milk soaps, pierogis(!!!), and food trucks.  I ran into my first grade teacher (who still remembered me) and another guy I went to school with way back when.  His fiance just finished culinary school and started baking at home and selling at the market.  Liberty Belle Baked Goods are delicious and you should check them out if you’re local!  She doesn’t have a website yet, but they’re on Facebook.


Sunday I spent the day eating and shopping.  No for real.  I visited with one of my besties and then hit the food.  The Hubster and I each had some Mighty Taco which is a Buffalo institution.  My mom hates it, but I prefer Mighty over Taco Bell any day.  And then we washed that down with some ice cream at Nick Charlaps.  My stomach is starving just thinking about these foods.

Oh and we watched my brother-in-law’s band play – Buffalo City Limits.  They are really talented and I always like seeing them play.  If you’re in the Buffalo area, they’ll be playing in East Aurora on Friday!


Dress:  Chiffon Maxi Dress – Old Navy  Similar Bag: Michael Kors Julia Messenger – Macy’s

And then I went shopping.  For food.  I bought all of the best food that can travel nicely back to PA.  Sahlen’s Hot Dogs.  Chiavetta’s Chicken.  Yancey’s Fancy Smoked Gouda with Bacon Cheese (wrap your taste buds around that concept!). Bison Dip.  Rooties Blue Cheese.  So if you’re hungry, come over.  I’m more than happy to share.  Because I’ll be on the patio.  Gorging myself in deliciousness.


I wanted to leave you with this picture of my favorite city.  #Buffalove

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