Happy Birthday Dad!

I want to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad today!  I know how incredibly blessed I am to have him in my life.  He’s taught me how to do most everything I know how to do (along with my mom, of course).  From keeping score at a baseball game to listening to every single presentation I’ve ever given to stepping in for the Hubster when he couldn’t attend dance lessons, my dad has done it all.  He’s coached me in every sport I’ve tried to play (track, basketball, softball, tennis) and been my biggest cheerleader. When I scored my first basket, he jumped on a chair and yelled “that’s my girl!” Best. Dad. Ever.

I hope he knows how much I love him.  And that spending time with him this weekend was so special to me and I hope he enjoyed me bugging him about gardening and politics all weekend.


Not only is today my Dad’s birthday, it’s also Christmas in July!!!!  Christmas is my favorite time of year and it’s also when my shopping becomes out. of. control.  If the Hubster thinks that the packages arriving at our house during the regular part of the year is bad, the delivery increase ten-fold between October and December.  And since I’d like to not wait until the very last minute, here are a few things you can either (a) put on your Santa list or (b) start early!

  • QVC is having their Christmas in July sale.  For some reason, I can’t link the pictures but here are the best things I found so far:
    • Berkshire Set of 2 Velvet Soft 55″ x 70″ Holiday Throws – they come in a ton of different colors and look so plushy and warm for those nights with hot cocoa and twinkle lights
    • Luminara 11″ Hudson Lantern With Flameless Candle and Remote – it’s adorable, comes in a lot of different colors, and you can’t beat the flameless candles.  It actually comes in a variety of sizes so you can pick which one will fit your house best.
    • Mr. Christmas 14″ Nostalgic Tabletop Tree With Super Bright LED Lights – I once made something like this for my mom in Girl Scouts.  My Dad is not so great with the breakables and now we don’t have this tree no mo.  So I am going to get this for my Mom.  She’ll laugh and love it.  And then tell my dad to keep his sticky paws off of it.
    • Lenox 3pc Holiday Mixing Set – Oh my gosh.  I have a new love affair with Lenox dishes.  It doesn’t help that I work next door to a Lenox outlet and when the Christmas decorations and dishes are 50% off the already amazing prices, I just can’t help myself. My outlet doesn’t have everything, so this is the perfect compliment to my new collection.
  • Everything at the GAP and Old Navy is 40% off with code COOL40.
  • The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still happening – there’s lots of gifts still to be had!
  • Pottery Barn has some clearance holiday items from last year still left and they are 70% off.  Check it out!

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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