Friday Favorites


Since I have this fantastic new blog, I am going to participate in all these fun blog events!

Erika, Narci, and Andrea  share their favorites every week and for the first time I get to share my Friday Favorites!



source: Pinterest

It’s a #buffalove weekend!  The Hubster and I are heading to Buffalo.  We’re stopping at some of our favorite places to eat and seeing some of our favorite people in the world.  I can’t wait!



source: Pinterest

My book club met last night and these ladies are a hoot!  My neighbor asked me to join her book club a few years ago and it’s reignited my love of books and reading.  Except when she picked Wuthering Heights (and Jane Eyre the last time).  While I’m no dum dum, this just isn’t my kind of reading.  So I did what any good book club member did, I watched the movie.

Lo and behold, only 1 other person in the club read it.  So book club soon turned into movie club.  And all the ladies came over to my house for a movie night.  Throw in some fun raspberry bellinis, pepperoni rolls, taco dip, and brownies, and we had a par-tay!

Since I didn’t read the whole book (I mean, I got through 3 chapters and that’s more than one other member who read 3 pages can say.), I’ll review the movie instead.

Drama.  Drama.  Drama.

When I think of the 1800s, I don’t immediately think of romantic drama being of the soap opera kind.  I always thought it was unrequited love or arranged married or forbidden love. Wuthering Heights is the my sister-in-law married my ex-lover and their son ended up marrying my daughter kind of drama.  Holy Cow.  Charlotte Bronte knew how to spice up her life!



source: Pinterest

My new wedges are the best ever.  They’re comfy.  They’re stylish.  And I can stand in them all day.  (Remind me to tell you why I stand all day.  It’s a crazy random weirdo story.)

Bonus, they elevate my height to the point that I can look people in the eye.  It’s starting to freak them out.

I got mine on Amazon (hello Prime 2 day shipping!) but they are available at Nordstrom too.  If I didn’t have so many shoes already, I would buy them in black.  Because I just donated my only pair because they pinched my feet.  And I’m too old for pinchy shoes. Unless they’re the perfect shoes.  And then it’s worth the pinched feet.  My black wedges? Notsomuchtheperfectshoes.



I just splurged and bought a new-t0-me Nikon D3100 from a friend.  I haven’t had time to play with it, learn how to use it, and take pretty pictures.  But I think I should take it with me this weekend and at least pretend that I use more than just my iPhone for pictures.  #notfoolinganyone

It came with all kinds of lenses and extra fun cool stuff, so I should really should start researching online.  There are a *ton* of resources, so I’m sure I can find someone who can explain how this camera works.


IMG_6324 (002)

Dress:  BCBG Cross Neck Dress – Amazon
Shoes:  Michael Kors – Amazon

My final favorite thing today is The Hubster!  He’s been super busy on a project and has been working insane hours this week.  I think they’ll continue for two more, but I’m so thankful he’s the guy I get to do life with.  He makes me laugh every. single. day. And I try not to drive him too crazy.

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