Woah! Baby!

It’s finally happening!!

We’re turning this dynamic duo into a trio! 🙂

If you’re been here awhile, you’ll know that we tried IVF last year and it worked but I ended up having a miscarriage. It was awful and sad and we wanted to just move forward and try again.

After a bunch of random things that resulted from the miscarriage, we went to try again in March 2021.

And then we got COVID and had to pause.

But, on May 3, we headed into the doctor’s office to try a frozen embryo transfer.

IVF legend has it that you should eat McDonald’s fries after your transfer, so we didn’t leave anything to chance!

And 10 days later, we got the news that we were having a baby!!! 🙂

Our counters turned into an actual pharmacy while I tried to keep track of all my meds and shots and holy cow was that a lot of medicines!

The baby took its first road trip to Louisville when I was only 7 weeks pregant!

Not shown, the barf bags that I bring everywhere with me.

Morning, afternoon, and night sickness is real!

Baby took a trip to the beach, too!

I am 24 weeks pregnant as of yesterday (but forgot to take a pic!).

They (whoever “they” is) say that the 2nd trimester is this magical time when you feel great and do all the things.

Maybe not me? I’m still tired all the time. I throw up at least once per day.

Maybe the 3rd trimester?

It doesn’t matter – I otherwise feel okay.

I’m so happy to be pregnant with this baby. It’s been a long time getting here and I can’t wait to meet this little person!

We’re going to be surprised if it’s a boy or girl when they’re born, so I’m not holding out. I don’t even know!

It’s pretty exciting!

You guys…a car seat lives in my house! It’s crazy!

So now you know why I’ve been MIA this summer. Between losing my dad, taking care of my mom, and growing this baby, it’s been crazy. But we’re super excited for the future, to meet this kiddo, and start a new chapter of our lives.

2 thoughts on “Woah! Baby!

  1. I am so excited for you! I have been rooting for this to happen since I first learned of your IVF. I don’t know you guys personally but having been following for quite some time, I know that you will be the BEST parents! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

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