Louisville – Part 1

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After no travel with friends for over a year, we finally did it!

We met up with some of our favorite travel buddies to see all the sights in Louisville – the Bourbon Trail, Churchill Downs, and the Louisville Slugger museum.

We had so much fun and it was a great way to get our travel mojo back!

We’re on a road trip!!!

We rented a giant SUV so that when we got there, we would just already have a vehicle there. Worked out perfectly!

We started out the trip with a Ghost Tour of Old Louisville.

I didn’t really want to go on this tour because I’m a total wimp. I get scared easily. I never go into those haunted houses at carnivals and I hate Halloween stuff.

But this one was actually not scary and really interesting.

Our tour guide, David, was really good and told us all kinds of amazing stories.

While we didn’t see any ghosts, we saw some absolutely beautiful homes and got to see a part of Louisville we ordinarily wouldn’t have visited.

How fun is this fountain that’s just in the middle of one of the neighborhoods?

We all headed to bed and looked forward to our first full day of fun!

When we got up, we headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

I basically fan girled my way through baseball stuff.

I held myself back from taking too many crazy pictures.

But Derek Jeter used a Louisville Slugger at every single at bat he took for the Yankees. He also used the same bat type, size, shape, etc. Many players will change it up but Derek used the same one the whole time.

I sent this picture to my brother. I was horrified that they had to put (right) next to Babe Ruth’s name.

It’s The King of Crash. The Sultan of Swat. The Colossus of Clout. THE GREAT BAMBINO!

If you’re a Sandlot fan, you know.

I mean…if you are a baseball person…you know who Babe Ruth is and shouldn’t need a caption to tell you which one he is!!

Louisville Slugger is owned by Hillerich & Bradsby. They own a giant forest of trees on the PA/NY border where they continuously plant trees to ensure they don’t hurt the environment.

Look at all the bats!!

All the MLB bats are made in this fancy lathe that makes everything super specific and perfect.

The rest of us get bats from a super old lathe that was made in Germany like 100 years ago!

Oh just hanging with The Babe.

We went to our first whiskey tasting at Peerless Distilling.

The distiller that gave us the tour said that all distilleries have to register with the state to get a distillery number. The lower the number, the older your distillery is. For example right now, there are over 21,000 distillery numbers.

Peerless’s number is 50, which means they are one of the few distilleries that survived Prohibition.

We basically spent the rest of the trip asking people what their distillery number was to see how long they’ve been around.

Peerless had a kitty that was so friendly!

The night ended with some awesome music and drinks as large as our heads at Howl at the Moon!

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