My Weird, Irrational Fears

How to overcome your fears | TED Talks

Look…we all have them.

Weird, irrational fears.

I thought I’d share some of mine today.

Swingline Compact Commercial Stapler Demo - SWI-71101 - YouTube

Whenever I have to add staples to my stapler, I’m afraid it’s going to snap closed on my fingers and either staple them or hurt really really bad.

This has never happened to me.

I don’t know why I’m afraid of it.

Night Walks | Stephanie Ratcliff

When I’m walking around outside at night, I’m terrified that a giant sink hole will open up and I’ll fall in.

Never mind that it might be my own yard that I know very well.

Or the work parking lot (that isn’t lit and a whole other problem).

Places that I have walked in the daylight many many times.

Is it illegal To Drive Without A Rearview Mirror? ❤️

If I pass a person walking or on a bike while I’m driving (only if they’re in the street…sidewalks do not apply), I look in my mirror to make sure I didn’t accidentally run them over.

I mean, I’m sure I would *know* if that happened, but I still check.

Okay – you guys tell me your crazy weird irrational fears!

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