Let’s Look Wednesday

, Friday Favorites 01.08.21

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to peek at some of the stuff in our lives.

Today we’re talking about our fridge and pantry.

Ummm…before you come on in and see what’s happening at my house…it’s a little bit of a dumpster fire in my pantry.

So this part of my fridge looks neat…some IVF meds and Worcestershire sauce.

I guess that makes sense. Something that’s really expensive ands something that’s hard to say should like living together in the door. 😉

See what I mean?

We have eggs all over. Takeout containers that probably should be thrown out.

A crazy amount of condiments.

Of course margarita mix.

And let’s be honest.

I have no idea what’s in the total back of the middle shelf.

Could be some pickles. Could be something The Hubster bought in 2019.

What’s margarita mix without the tequila shoved into the same shelf as the pancake syrup?

The Hubster likes to try different flavor mustards, so we have about 5-9 at any given moment.

I’m not sure why we have so many tubs of spreadable butter.

Total. Dumpster. Fire.

I bought baskets in an attempt to organize the pantry a few years ago.

Now we are back to shoving stuff wherever it will fit.

The next weekend we have some free time I’ll have to start cleaning this pantry out.

It’s gross.

It also feels like we have no food in here.

So the long and short of today’s post is…please don’t follow me for fridge and pantry organization. 🙂

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