Friday Favorites

Hooray! It’s the weekend!

We are planning on visiting our friends and meeting their new baby. We’re also excited to see our goddaughter, who we haven’t seen enough of this weekend. She’s such a sweetheart and we can’t wait to get in some snuggles.

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.


I bought some spring Color Street for Easter and I’m loving how cute they look.

I also can’t get over how easy it is to do, so it’s perfect.


I did this to our toilet the other day when I beat The Hubster home from work.

It took him a few hours to find it and I really laughed when he did.


I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this here, but I have the worst eyes ever.

Like, I would be declared legally blind if I didn’t have access to glasses or contacts.

The other morning, when I got up, I turned the alarm off (okay I hit snooze) and realized that I had knocked my glasses off the nightstand. I ended up getting up a few minutes later and when I looked for my glasses on the floor, I couldn’t find them.

I had to get up and since I know how to get to the bathroom, I just put on my contacts and continued on my business.

When I got home from work, I looked for the glasses and couldn’t find them. I looked all over and had to enlist The Hubster to help me.

I ended up putting on my backup glasses and as I was getting in the bed, I looked down and saw that they had called in between the box spring and the bed frame.

I mean, weird.

Note – they were all the way in there. I took the half out to show where I found them. 😉


I decided on a root beer float for dessert for my birthday and I was not sad about it at all.

MMM…ice cream on your birthday is always a good idea.


I”m super excited because I got a piano for my birthday!!

I’ve been wanting to re-learn how to play. (I haven’t played really since I was like 14 and I wasn’t good).

I won’t make you listen to my piano concerts.

Also, this dress apparently makes me look like I weigh a TON more than I really do. Maybe I should retire it.

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