Amazon On My Porch

If you need an Amazon Prime Day intervention - Gallery

It’s Amazon day here!

Come on in and see what I’ve been buying these days.

We got this super cute grill for The Hubster’s godson.

We’re heading down to visit him soon, so hopefully he can grill us up some yummy burgers.

We just realized that my toothbrush is gross.

I could try to salvage it but decided that buying a new one was just easier.

We decided to keep an eye on our pulse-ox measurements while we have been sick and one of our friends recommended this version.

Of course now I use this finger one and compare it to my Apple Watch measurement constantly.

They are close, but not the same. But I think it’s because my watch band is a little loose.

In case you wondered.

The grout in our kitchen is a little gross looking.

Like it’s not dirty (we clean our floors), but it’s dark and not fresh looking.

I bought this grout cleaner off of a recommendation from a co-worker. I am hoping to give it a try this weekend.

This is what your late 30s looks like – getting excited to clean your kitchen grout.

We’re going to start the IVF stuff again and this time it’s a bunch of pills at different times of the day.

I just decided to bite the old lady bullet and get a pill organizer.

It’s actually really nice that the compartments come out and I can take each day in my purse.

Did you know you can buy a bag of just one color of Sour Patch Kids?!?!

It’s pretty amazing!

What have you guys been buying – I can’t wait to see!

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