Thankful Thursday

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It’s Thankful Thursday!


How Government Plans to Make COVID-19 Vaccine Free for Every American

I am so thankful that my parents were able to get part 1 of the COVID vaccine.

They have been very, very, very concerned about getting the virus. I thought they wouldn’t be able to get the vaccine until the spring, but they were able to get it last week and I’m hoping this will be the start of them being able to get back to normal.


The sweetest little niece in the world has started wanting to FaceTime me and share her snacks.

It’s adorable and I’m so thankful that despite the distance, she still wants to hang out with Auntie “ShaSha”.


Powerful Appointment Scheduling Tool for Medical Practices

I’m having a small procedure done next week and the scheduler at the hospital told me that it would be like 8 weeks until I could get in to see the doctor.

I asked if she could put me on the list to move up for when there’s a cancellation and I’m not in for next week!

So thankful for awesome people!!

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