Christmas 2020 – Part 2

I wanted to share the second part of our Christmas 2020.

We woke up ready to go to Buffalo for the week and we were greeted with snow!

Turns out, it wasn’t just us getting snow but our families were expected to get 20 inches of snow.

We basically watched the weather for an afternoon and made a run for it when there was a break in the weather.

When we woke up in the morning, we pretended it was Christmas morning to spend together.

And when your niece and nephew want to get up at 7am and do presents, it’s definitely time for a big coffee!

One of our favorite breakfasts of the year.

The Hubster would eat those cinnamon rolls every single morning of the year if it was healthy and acceptable.

After presents and food, we decided to take advantage of the snow and go sledding!

I haven’t been in years.

I went down with my nephew and it’s possible that is part of the reason my back is messed up.

The sledding hill ends at a creek so if you go to fast or can’t stop, you could end up in the drink!

But how beautiful is this picture of my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece?

No they aren’t kneeling – that’s legit how deep the snow was!

Too bad they couldn’t use this for their Christmas card!!

Every year, we pick a name and make a homemade present for that person.

I got my niece, L, and she loves ballet, so I thought I’d make her a ballet barre.

It was a hit!

She loved it and I’m so glad I made that for her!

My brother-in-law saw the barre and said to me, how did she know what that was? I was like, um, she’s a girl?!?

Boys are silly.

L got a real makeup kit from Santa and asked to give me a makeover.

I definitely looked like I had gotten into a fight because she loved using the purple and blue shadows.

We had a Barbie party.

And L was in her happy place because she had both of her aunties and her Uncle Hubster.

PS – While The Hubster isn’t so great with Barbie shoes (who is?), he was pretty darn good at brushing Barbie hair.

Our future daughters will be very happy L taught him how to do Barbie hair.

The rest of our time in Buffalo was basically spent hanging out together.

We made snowmen.

I learned how to play canasta.

I got a pedicure.

We had a fancy pink drink with sparkles.

All the girls attended wearing our fanciest shoes. (These are the sparkly shoes I wore.)

We got to visit some of our best friends and my sweetheart of a goddaughter.

PS – we like to drink fancy drinks that match when we’re all together.

The guys were fixing a computer and doing guy stuff when we were drinking our drinks and catching up.

The Hubster loves doing Lego and I’m sure he never imagined he would be putting together Belle’s castle with his niece, but they were both so happy to do it together!

Then it was time to go home.

But spending a week with our peeps was so good for our hearts after not seeing them for so long.

It was such a fun Christmas and I’m so glad that it worked out!

* Note – we did consider COVID and the implications. We quarantined in the week leading up to Christmas and made good decisions about when we had to leave the house. We visited my Grandpa from 15ft at least wearing masks and were half outside. We wore masks a lot. We didn’t really visit with a lot of people this visit.

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