Family Games

Ultimate Guide for Family Game Night |

One thing we do a lot of when we are with our families for Christmas is play games.

I grew up in a family where we played games together for some fun.

I married into a family who plays every single game to the death.

I married the least competitive sibling, but even so, my brother-in-law and I sometimes just let the 3 original kids and our sister-in-law do their thing. I value my limbs thank you very much.

Come on in and see what we’ve been playing!

I have no idea why New Phone, Who Dis is so funny, but we can’t stop laughing when we play it.

It’s definitely for adults.

And if you want to both cringe and laugh until you can’t breathe, play with your father-in-law and listen to him actually read some of the cards.

Blockbuster is a funny movie game if you want to reminisce.

I would recommend you only play this with people who watch movies. It’s less fun with someone who has no idea what Pretty Woman is about.

My brother and I played endless games of Life growing up.

We couldn’t find the original in my parents’ basement last year, so I bought a new one.

Speak Out is super funny.

You put this thing in your mouth and try to say phrases.

Beware – you spit a lot! hahaha

There’s something funny about playing this game with your family and telling you mom that she can’t move/play because she’s on the dumb @$$ space.

We love playing Tenzi with our friends because it’s so easy and kids of all ages can play it.

I think it’s actually in The Hubster’s truck so if we need a quick game when we’re out, we have something.

What games do you guys play? We’re always open for new suggestions!

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