Amazon on My Porch

It’s time to show you how much stuff I couldn’t live without on Amazon!

Ekouaer Women's Sleeveless Long Nightgown

I started wearing nightgowns to bed this summer.

Um, is this an old lady thing that just happens one day?

I mean, I still love my pajama pants and I doubt I’ll give those up, but seriously, are the hair curlers next?!?!

This one is super comfy and I’m pretty excited to wear it to bed these days.

I’m addicted to the Scrub Daddy.

I needed a cute toilet paper storage basket for the back of the toilet.

Love this one because it’s cute and looks a little nautical.

My nephew is hoping to visit us in a few weeks and he and The Hubster love (a) Lego and (b) space.

I bought them this Lego kit so they could work on it together while they’re together. 🙂 Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Spectrum Built-in ...

If you want a super soft, super comfy dress for just hanging out, this is totally your jam!

It sells out and comes back into stock, so get it quick!

Part of my Dad’s birthday present.

He’s a HUGE Seinfeld fan and I know he’ll love this shirt.

Who doesn’t love the Gain scent?

Not me.

And now they have it in plant based formula, so it’s safe for me!

Warning, these are small bottles…I was a tiny bit surprised when they arrived because I didn’t look at the size.

Our drains were clogging from my hair.

So I thought I’d buy these hair snake things.

I was ready to throw up when I saw how much hair came out of the shower drain.

How do I have hair left on my head after this? HZEYN Enamel Tile Bracelet Stackable Rainbow Tile Bead ...

Such a cute bracelet set for the summer (or whenever really).

What’s coming to your house from Amazon lately?

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