Lake Telega Trip

We got back from Lake Telega, The Hubster’s Uncle’s lake, last week and we had SO MUCH FUN and now I just want to live there forever.

This was our first real trip in the RV.

And we were so ready to test it out!

We so lucked out with the weather.

When we got there, it was blue skies and warm enough to jump right into the lake.

Does it get any better than hanging out on a lake with your favorite people?


Here’s what happens when you’re fishing with a 4 year old…

…You spend a lot of time holding the princess fishing pole.

While you guys know me and pink stuff, I can honestly say this fishing pole does not work as well as an adult pole.

Although I think she did catch a perch during the weekend.

The view from the camper at night.

Life is good, friends. Life is good.

Naturally, this is her best hiding spot during hide and seek.

I was blessed with these 2 awesome girls for nieces and I couldn’t love them any more.

This is my biggest catch of the weekend.


Everyone else got fish and I cleaned the lake of seaweed.

This was one of the most amazing rainbows I have ever seen. And it ended at the house where everyone was staying.

I think after the year we’ve all had (and by all, I mean the family, and the world), we needed a sweet little treat like this rainbow.

Zero, and I mean zero, life complaints!

The Hubster and Michael built a rocket and then set it off in the field.

Michael was thrilled.

The Hubster was so happy to have someone who wanted to do model building.

How do you top a rocket launch?


Thanks Uncle Jon! You know how to party!

A perk of not having to put your kiddos to bed – a night time boat ride!!

I had been floating in the lake for like 3 hours straight and I finally convinced The Hubster to come in with me.

He did a cannonball right near my face.



Then we packed it all up and headed home.

It was a great trip and we had so much fun together.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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