Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! 🙂

We have zero weekend plans and the weather is supposed to be nice, so maybe some fishing? Maybe some reading on the patio? The possibilities are endless!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


I’m trying to get The Hubster on board with getting a dog and he’s not biting.

So every night when we’re relaxing and watching tv, I find cute pictures of the dog I want on Pinterest and show him.

I know I’m wearing him down, because I found the perfect one the other day and he looked at it for a full few seconds and asked how much it was before he said no.

Small progress, peeps!


We’ve been having tons of fires at night and I gotta say, there’s something pretty fantastic about a campfire!


Is this living my best life?

Fishing with a princess pole and my niece doing a dance routine next to me?



How did I hit the jackpot and get the most amazing, funny, and beautiful nieces ever?

Love them to pieces! ❤


Am I right?!?!

And now I hear we’re getting some kind of Sahara sand thing coming and there are locusts in California, and a wildfire in Arizona.

Should we all be getting some lamb’s blood to put on our doors?

Dare I even ask what the next plague will be? lol

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