Amazon On My Porch

I love you Amazon I love you so much! (With images) | Funny quotes ...

Get ready for a pretty fun Amazon post – I got some goodies this month.

You know, the month I was supposed to be “scaling back.”

Good one, Hubster. Good one. 🙂

MIHOLL Womens Casual Tops Sleeveless Cute Twist Knot Waffle Knit ...

Isn’t this shirt really cute?

It comes in tons of colors and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer.

I bought a pineapple plant from Home Depot.

Yes, I know I don’t live in Hawaii.

But it needed a plant stand. 🙂

I also just realized that it only needs water once a week. I’ve been watering daily.

No wonder it looks sad. The Goozler Lukes Diner - Hollow Gilmore Show Retro ...

You know I LOVE me some Gilmore Girls.

I couldn’t pass up this Luke’s Diner hoodie.

The Hubster and I are constantly getting our headphone cases mixed up.

The only way we were telling them apart is that mine got dirty on the inside from when I left them on the tractor overnight. (And I’m not sure how that translated into black gunk inside.)

With this fun pink case, we have no issues!

And if you don’t like hot pink, it comes in a bunch of other colors.

I needed a new pan and after we watched Dark Waters, we’re hesitant to buy more teflon.

My sister-in-law told me black carbon steel is non-stick without the chemicals, so we’re testing it out.

So far, so good!

Do I need this bag?


Did it come in the mail to me the other day?


Bohemian Multi-Colored Sequin Gold Cuff Bracelet - SPUNKYsoul ...

I love how this looks like a stack of bracelets, but it’s actually one giant one.

HUSKARY Women's Summer Casual Sleeveless V Neck Strappy Split ...

I am so glad I bought this dress because it’s lightweight and so so cute.

It’ll be on repeat all summer!

I really loved my Kindle cover. But I must have killed it because the inside magnets fell out and it looks like it’s had better days.

So a sparkly pink one was the perfect new companion!

365 Bible Stories and Prayers: Biblical Readings to Share All ...

My goddaughter just turned 1 and I thought this was a perfect book for her!

She’s also getting Pinkalicious (of course) and the best Pottery Barn Kids chair ever. (that also fits adults comfortably…so I’ve heard 😉 )

Whew – that’s quite a list this month!

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