Senior Citizen

While I like to think of myself as late-30s but still cool person, it has been brought to my attention that I am, in fact, a senior citizen.

And not only am I a senior citizen, I’m turning into my grandparents!

This is a picture of me and my Grandpa from 2016. I had met up with him for lunch one afternoon when I was in town and I’m so glad that I have this memory and picture with him.

And now I’m turning into him.

How much can you save by unplugging appliances? | HowStuffWorks

My grandparents used to unplug everything they could get their hands on.

Microwave. Hair Dryer. Curling Iron. Toaster. Television. Radio.

I think if they thought the fridge would stay cold overnight, they’d unplug that when they went to bed.

I unplug the toaster, air fryer, and other kitchen appliances once I’m done using them.

Senior Citizen = 1, Hip Young Person = 0

Design Consultants Dish on the Denim Industry – Sourcing Journal

My grandparents stopped at an outlet mall when I was a kid and my Grandpa found these brown pants that were reasonably priced and fit him well.

He bought 14 pairs.

He basically wore the same pants for my entire childhood.

We never figured out if he wore the same pair until they were worn out or if he wore all 14 pairs and rotated them through his weeks.

While I don’t buy 14 of the same thing, I find that if I like a pair of pants (or shirts, or earrings, or anything really), I’ll buy another one in a different color.

I have these Kendra Scott earrings in gold, rose gold, and silver.

I buy American Eagle jeans in multiples because they fit me so well.

Senior Citizen = 2, Hip Young Person = 0

Top 5 Most Iconic TV Commercials of All Time - YouTube

Grandpa watched Jeopardy every single night for at least 40 years. And when he watched, he would complain that the commercials were so much louder than the actual show. It was offensive how loud it got.

The other night I was watching Jeopardy and during the commercial break, I thought, wow, the commercials are getting really loud.

Senior Citizen = 4, Hip Young Person = 0

This is what Snapchat thinks I’ll look like as a senior citizen.

I need to find me some wrinkle cream, stat, because I think I’m already there!!

Please tell me I’m not the only 38 year old going on 80!!

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