Shhh…We did it!

Road Trip Essentials

I have a feeling there will be a lot of opinions on this, but after a lot of thought and discussion, The Hubster and I visited our family for a quick Memorial Day weekend visit.

We decided that after 8 weeks of not going anywhere, seeing anyone, and being safe, it was okay for us to visit people who did the same.

I have never seen my niece and nephew so excited to see us.

They basically glued themselves to our sides for 24 hours and we did everything they asked.

We played with the sprinkler. We had a water balloon fight. We ate all the snacks they wanted. We watched them run as fast as they could. We saw them on their bikes. We sat next to them in the car. We ate ice cream every 12 hours.

These kiddos know I would never say no to an ice cream cone.

We worked on an art project/science experiment.

They turned out super cute!

These 2 Lego Masters were thrilled to do a Lego building contest.

We visited my Grandpa and stayed at least 6 ft away from him outside only.

He refused my request for a selfie.

Like turned around and did this the whole time.

It was a great trip and I’m so glad we broke the rules and saw our people. ❤

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