What We’re Watching


So now that we’ve been in quarantine for approximately 29230938502395 days, we’ve been watching more tv than normal.

Like, what the heck planet was I living on when I agreed to watch every single Star Wars movie?

In any case, we found a few more goodies! 🙂

Prison Break Resurrection: Is it worth watching the series revival ...

We just discovered Prison Break and HOLY COW.

I rarely get anxious watching a show and for some reason, this one is like all the anxiety in one hour.

And I’m totally in love with Lincoln Burrows.

Like fan yourself in love with him.

So yes, this show is pretty fantastic.


Madam Secretary TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and More | TV ...

I needed something in the background while I’ve been working at home and Madam Secretary is perfect.

We had started watching this show when it was on forever ago and now it’s nice to be able to catch up.

Also, I want to be her.

One Desperate Housewives Star Really Wants A Revival - CINEMABLEND

When I saw that Desperate Housewives was streaming on, I thought it would be fun to relive it.

So while I’m cross stitching, I turn it on and watch an episode.

It’s just as good and juicy and I remembered. 🙂

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