I love reconnecting with my dear old friends | Words quotes

Something really great has happened during quarantine.

I reconnected with my cousin!

My cousin Kristin and I reconnected over our shared outrage and love of Tiger King.

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

We were both watching it and started chatting over text.

We’ve probably shared a half dozen Tiger King memes with each other.

And that turned into sharing other quarantine stories.

Like how we’ve both turned into either our grandparents or our dads.

It’s hilarious and we’re kind of wondering what other habits we’re perpetuating and we’re afraid to ask our husbands about it.

It has been so nice chatting with her.


Kristin sent me this adorable care package the other day and it was so sweet of her.

How lucky am I to have a cousin like this?

I am looking forward to our shared continued conversations. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Retrouvailles

  1. Oh my goodness those cookies are ADORABLE! I’d be a happy recipient of those cookies! 😉

    How are things going for you? Have you been able to get back to work (in office)? Are you guys still feeling the shortages on toilet paper and paper towel??


    • We’re working part-time in the office but mostly at home. There’s weird food shortages here (like sour cream and butter) but we seem to be back to normal with the toilet paper! What about you guys?


      • That’s so strange that you’re having butter shortages … I guess we’re having shortages on pork and beef but that’s because we have had a few meat plants shut down and the governor has publicized it too much which has resulted in people panic buying. Now that the president has stepped in to provide relief for the processing plants we aren’t really seeing shortages anymore. Thank goodness!
        They are going to start reopening the offices at the bank I work for (VERY SLOWLY) and I am hopeful that they reopen the gyms here soon too! 🙂


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