Friday Favorites

It’s our last Friday in quarantine!


Just kidding.

I mean our state is kind of opening but not really.


Does Netflix do this to you too? hahaha

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



I’ve been back to my Peloton and I feel better than ever about it.

I haven’t been as consistent as I should have been about it, but I’m happy to be back in the saddle.

Literally. 🙂



Okay, so I’m not sure if this is a favorite or not, but this is the longest my hair has been since grade school.

You know, when it was down to my waist.

At this point, I should figure out how to donate it.



The Hubster is totally dumbfounded that I have this giant calculator in my computer bag and that it goes places with me.

He wanted to know (1) where it came from, (2) how long I’ve had it, and (3) why would I bring it home.

Well (1) it probably came from Amazon, (2) I’ve had it for years…probably 10, and (3), I’m a CPA…I need calculators handy.

His mind was totally blown.

But when I conferred with my other CPA and accountant friends, they all assured me they have giant calculators at their homes, too. 🙂

Crisis averted.

I’m just a accounting nerd and The Hubster just doesn’t get it. 😉



My father-in-law recently went to the butcher and bought 20lbs of chicken, 10 lbs of ground beef, and 4 dozen clams casino.

Note – they did not need all that food. There is not a food shortage. He buys like this all the time, not just in quarantine.

We were all a little confused why he needed clams casino right now and have been laughing about it a little bit.

So when I ran to the butcher, I left The Hubster this note and he about died laughing.

Note – I did not buy clams casino. 😉



I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night before I went to sleep (which is why it’s dark around the tv picture).

Is anyone else wondering what kind of Zoom meeting they are using?

Because when we do Zoom meetings, everyone talks at the same time, our video feeds aren’t that clear, and if we tried to sing, it would sound like total garbage.

I mean, I’ve been attending Zoom church every week and when we try to all say The Our Father together or socialize at the end…TOTAL NIGHTMARE.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this…let me know. I have a Zoom birthday party tonight and we all know how that’s going to sound. hahahaha

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