Quarantine Weekend

9 Funny Quarantine Memes

Another quarantine weekend for us. Plus a holiday! haha


We just found out that our county is easing up on some of our quarantine restrictions in a few days, which is great.

But if you look at what we’re allowed to do, it’s basically just go outside.

We can hang out with 25 people now.

And my work is kind of re-opening. Like I’ll be working 2 half days in the office and the rest of the time I’ll still be working from home.

Which…thank goodness because I’m not sure I’m ready to give up all of my leggings!


The Hubster made some really great waffles for breakfast yesterday.


We did a Zoom Mother’s Day call with my family.

Oh how I wish I could hug them!

We’re not sure when it’s safe for us to travel to them. (And when we can stay at their homes.)

This is the longest stretch in 10 years that I have gone without seeing them in person. It’s so sad and I just miss my family.

Thank goodness we have Zoom and FaceTime.


My brother is the sweetest because he went out and bought a hanging flower basket and delivered it to my Mom for me!

He’s a good guy. 🙂

And yes, my Mom is wearing her winter coat because they got snow on Saturday afternoon and it’s still cold there.



We spent some time on FactTime with my mother-in-law and she’s just the best.

Right now, The Hubster’s Nana is in the end stages of dementia and Hospice is coming in today.

Watching my mother-in-law care for her mother through all of the ups and downs is teaching us how to live and how to treat others.

Right now we’re having a hard time believing that we won’t see Nana in person again and that we won’t be able to celebrate her life the way we want to now.


We ended the weekend with this amazing (and super delicious) dinner.

The Hubster grilled some steaks and I made the sides.

Sooo good!

We ended the weekend watching Prison Break (which I just discovered and it’s really good).

Quarantine weekend was pretty darn good.

Next weekend it’s supposed to *finally* warm up, so hopefully we can get outside and maybe on the fishing boat.

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