Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday #TBT Hashtag Weekday Everyday - Throwback ...

Today seems like a good Throwback Thursday.

I thought I’d talk about all the stuff we used to do that we don’t have to anymore!

Canisius College on Twitter: "It's a great day to have tunnels on ...

The first 2 years of college, you couldn’t register for classes online. We had to wait in line according to a lottery of our last names.  Since there were tons of kids, I actually had to sleep overnight in the hallway of the building to make sure I was there to get into the class I wanted.

What class do you ask?

The Natural History of Western New York

aka – Bird Watching

I mean…it was an easy class and I got an A.

Looking back, I just don’t know if that was worth sleeping on a concrete floor.

What Does prank call Mean? | Pop Culture by

Who else prank called?!?!

My friends and I used to do it by calling our crush’s phone and hoping he would pick up.

Thinking about it now…that was lame.

We obviously had to stop when *69 happened.

(In case you don’t know…*69, get back that line meant you could dial back who just called you.)

Pay Phones ::

I used to make collect calls to have my mom pick me up from school (or where ever I was at the time).

And to avoid having her pay for the call, when they told you to state your name, you basically say “” and then hang up.

07734 Instagram posts (photos and videos) -

My nephew didn’t believe that texting didn’t exist when I was a kid.

So I showed him that all we had was 0.7734 on your calculator and turning it upside down.

Using a cassette, waiting for one of my favorite songs to come on ...


And if you didn’t get the announcer or a commercial in your song, it was a huge win.

OU grads create rating app to discreetly trash-talk professors ...

We used to try to pass notes in class and would totally get busted.

So my girlfriend and I would buy ourselves a separate notebook and then just give each other the notebook either during class or in the hallway.

This way, our teachers didn’t know we weren’t sharing notes.

Napster download page. Thanks Lars : nostalgia

I spent a lot of time in college getting the best songs on Napster.

AIM shuts down: AOL Instant Messenger changed the way we ...

Making away messages on AIM was totally my jam.

I had a new one every day. Sanyo VWM-900 4-Head HI-FI Stereo VCR (choose with or ...

We were so excited for a VCR.

We could watch movies and tape movies. 

It was the best.

Transient Tic Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

I’m the kid that blinked in every single picture.

My mom used to take an entire roll of family pictures because she’d only get 1 good one of me with my eyes open.

What are your throwback Thursday things?

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Love’s Baby Soft perfume, Bonnie Bell rollerball lip gloss in all the flavors; the Galaga and Ms.Pac Man machines that were in the common entrance between Super X (an 80’s Nashville drugstore) and the Kroger. My sister and I would browse the Super X make up section for the above items and spend all our quarters on Ms. Pac Man while my mom did the grocery shopping after church on Sundays. Then before we left I would buy a National Enquirer and a Bit O’ Honey that were my Sunday afternoon treats. Haha! I was a weird kid. 😂


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