Friday Favorites


I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



We had a Zoom first birthday/dance party for my niece.

While it wasn’t how we had planned to celebrate, it turned out to be the perfect way we could all see the birthday girl.



We had a socially distant fire with our neighbors the other day.

So far we’ve been fine just the 2 of us in the house, but sometimes you need to talk/see another human.

It was so worth it to catch up.


The Nordstrom sale is KILLING me by making a ton of stuff up to 70% off.

So are the rest of the shops.

But these pink shoes are so cute and I couldn’t say no.

I have no idea where I’ll wear them.

Or when I’ll wear something other than slippers.


Little Fires Everywhere: A Novel - Kindle edition by Ng, Celeste ...

Who wants to talk about Littel Fires Everywhere?

I loved the book.

The series was a little different than the book but so good too.

The series ending was amazingly good too. I might have liked it more than the book.

I love all the themes of this book – class disparity, the desire and drive to be perfect verses reality, and race.

I want to hear your thoughts!




I’m the friend. 🙂

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