Quarantine Life

Don't Forget to Smile at Our Favorite Quarantine Memes

Are we all starting to lose it during quarantine? 

We are and I have lots of thoughts about it.

Amazon.com: Columbia Men's Medium Weight Thermal: Clothing

Who is wearing socks at home during the day?

The Hubster…that’s who.

Why he’s wearing his warm fuzzy hunting socks, I have no idea.

I haven’t put socks on in a month.

Is Target Open on Easter 2020? - Target Easter Hours

I picked up a to-go order Target and was shocked to see the parking lot was packed full.

Like a busy Saturday morning.

Along with Lowes. (They share with Target.)

When I ran into Target to get my bags, there were tons of people in there, just shopping around.

I have basically been sitting at home for a month. Like having groceries delivered to the house, not going to my neighbors, even for drinks, and basically not leaving my property.

Are we crazy? Are we the only ones doing that?

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Darth vader Mask Halloween Cosplay ...

Aren’t we all supposed to be wearing masks?

I wore mine to get my Target stuff and buy stamps at the post office (the only 2 places I’ve been in 4 weeks) and I was the only one.

Am I being punked? 

I’ll still wear one, but people are looking at me like I’m an alien.

Self Tanning Drops - Isle of Paradise | Sephora

If I’m going to be home for a few more weeks, isn’t this the best time for me to try self-tanner?

My friends are like…noooo don’t do it.

But if I look like a nut, it will have faded by the time I get out, right?

Denim Inspiration | Denim, Denim inspiration, Denim flats

My daily uniform looks a lot like leggings and a hoodie.

My mom asked me why I didn’t get dressed every day.

I told her that I was changing out of my jammies in the morning.

I think if I put jeans on, The Hubster would ask me where I was going and why I was all dressed up.

Nordstrom Spring 2019 Sale – Men's Style Picks

I can’t stop buying jewelry online.

I’m not wearing any of it.

But I’m buying it. 🙂

Okay – tell me what you guys are doing because I need to know I’m not the only crazy person in the room.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Life

  1. Well I am one of those people that isn’t wearing a face mask … it makes me claustrophobic and like I am going to suffocate. I also worry that it is going to hold on to germs longer than necessary. I am also one of those people that is out running errands because it is good for my mental health. I live alone and after a few days on no human interactions I start to go a little loopy and can get very depressed/anxious which is NOT good for me. Do you think its necessary to keep up these rigid protocols or do you think social distancing is enough??


    • I’ll be honest – I have no idea what to think. I”m okay staying home as much as we can. I did go to the store yesterday but it’s only like the 2nd time in a month I’ve been out. I think as long as you’re being careful and safe, it’s totally fine.


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