Easter 2020


We celebrated Easter Sunday like everyone else…at home!

It was so different than any other holiday we’ve ever had but that’s okay.


We attended a Zoom mass.

Let’s discuss because when you’re on with 40 other people who are older and have no idea what they’re doing…it calls for an interesting experience.

Like 40 people who want to sing the songs together…it’s a no go.

Also when 40 people don’t understand the mute idea and everyone’s talking about phones are ringing and dogs are barking…not a normal time, not a normal mass.

That’s okay – it was good to see the faces of people we know and pray together.


My in-laws were on the same mass as us and how adorable are my niece and nephew?

And you can see that despite the quarantine, the bunny still hopped in to bring chocolate and adorable Easter outfits.


We got to catch up with my family too – it’s my parents’ first Zoom meeting.

And I have no idea what my brother was doing.


The afternoon was nice and sunny, so I sat outside, got some sun, and read a book.

So strange.

And also exactly kind of like the rest of days at home.


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