Thursday Thoughts

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas 2019! – The Bitter Lemon

Today’s Thursday Thoughts are brought to you courtesy of watching the Christmas movies playing on Hallmark.

Yes…we’re at that part of quarantine.

But they make me happy so…

You're a Green One, Mr. Grinch | Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

  • Are there that many people who hate Christmas? Seriously? I didn’t realize there were that many grumpy Christmas people.

UPS to expand operations in Pennsylvania, hire 1,700 workers

  • How do you send secret packages so quickly? Everyone seems to get these adorable “mystery” secret stuff and I’ve never been able to have the delivery services work that fast!

Massive winter festival with proposed for Vancouver's False Creek ...

  • How many towns are out there that do that many festivities? How do I do that in my town? I mean we have a tree lighting but I want a full on Christmas festival.

That’s all for today – probably I should consider getting a life. 😉

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