Dark Waters

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The Hubster and I watched Dark Waters the other night and oh my gosh – it’s really good.

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So first we spent probably an hour debating over which movie to watch.

Like every normal couple in the world.

And then we settled on Dark Waters because it was the only thing someone had not vetoed.

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It’s about a lawyer who end up with case in West Virginia where the townspeople are all getting sick and they blame DuPont. It turns out that it’s the chemicals that are used to make teflon coatings in your pans.

It’s very Erin Brockovich.

I kind of thought it was going to be a thriller and action movie but it’s totally not.

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it for everyone to watch.

It’s more sad and informative.

It’s not scary.

If you’ve seen this movie, I want to hear your thoughts. The Hubster has a ton of them and we’ve been hesitant to cook in teflon since.

I’m mean, we’ve already been using them, so does it matter? Maybe?

An opportunity to buy fancy new pans?

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