IVF Update

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Since I share a whole bunch of my life here (and it’s like a journal), I thought I’d give a quick update on where we are with IVF.

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I started on my first round of shots last Friday.

Since we’ve been talking about starting our family for months years now, I was ready to just get started.

Like, let’s do this thing already.

After a few annoying cysts that stalled the process, we got the all clear to get started.

And I was totally ready to go.

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And then I saw the actual needles and watched the videos on how to do it and watched The Hubster mix everything up.

I got scared.

And I actually gave myself some hives on my neck.

Yes, I’m crazy.

But then we just did the shots and everything was fine.

Well, one of them burns going in.

But now that we’ve started, we’re just plugging along and hoping for at least 5 good follicles.

I didn’t expect to feel so bloated already, but I’m just using it as an excuse to wear leggings and cute dresses to work.

And I didn’t really need an extra excuse to put pajamas on as soon as I got home, now did I?

Finger crossed and prayers sent for it to continue going well.

3 thoughts on “IVF Update

  1. The needles we’re the scariest part for me and once we got going it was easier. My husband and I are on the downhill of IVF we had out transfer on Friday and crossing our fingers that out Beta test comes back showing pregnancy numbers in a week. Good luck with everything!


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